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Impact Wellbeing

What is IMPACT Wellbeing – “Kind Hands” ?


It is an accredited* program of activities using positive and nurturing touch for early years children, their parents and carers. Children are taught how to use simple touch strokes on the back. They create images in nursery rhymes, stories and songs. Children learn through play to form positive relationships and develop respect for others. Online resources to support implementation are accessed via the website.


* Accredited by Federation of Holistic Therapists (10 CPD credits)

Kind Hands activities:

  • Aid development of communication and language

  • Develop co-ordination, control and movement

  • Contribute to personal, social and emotional development

  • Are FUN for children, parents and carers

What is IMPACT Wellbeing?

It is an accredited* programme of personal relaxation techniques for use with young people and adults of all ages. The simple, adaptable and effective programme is based on a concept of respect and choice and is taught by trained adult instructors. It uses a range of relaxation techniques including self-massage and peer massage to aid stress management. They attend the one day training and then work with groups or individuals to deliver the programme. The mindfulness-based approach gives people skills for life.


Online resources to support implementaation are accessed via the website.


*Accredited by Federation of Holistic Therapists (10 CPD points)

How can the program be used?

In The Care Sector:


  • By therapists to extend their services to their clients

  • In hospitals, hospices and day care for the care of patients, their carers and families

  • In residential homes for staff and elderly or disabled residents to aid relaxation and general wellbeing

  • For stroke support groups to reduce stress and improve the wellbeing of stroke survivors, carers and volunteers

  • For a range of voluntary groups who wish to improve their wellbeing

In education:
  • By schools and colleges, youth groups, children’s homes, young carers and young offenders

  • In schools it supports; Year 7 transition, Years 10 to 13 exam stage, nurture group, special needs, behaviour support, Personal and Social Education (PSHE), Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), extension and enrichment studies

  • For staff wellbeing

  • For parents’ groups to aid stress management

In the world of work:
  • By companies and organisations for the wellbeing of their employees

This course is suitable for adults who have an interest in promoting wellbeing. They may be:

  • Employees of companies or organisations

  • Therapists or independent consultants in education, health and Social care who have the relevant knowledge and contacts to take the program into various walks of life.

Courses & Workshops

Impact Wellbeing Program For KIND HANDS In-House Training Workshop For Practitioners @ Childcare Centres
Impact Wellbeing Program For KIND HANDS Workshop At Your Childcare Centre
Impact Wellbeing Program For Young People And Adults Workshop
Impact Wellbeing Program For Young People And Adults Workshop

For more Information :www.impact4wellbeing.co.uk