Tender Loving Touch

Infant Massage

"Discover an age-old secret which helps alleviate most of the common ailments your baby experiences, using nothing more than palm of your hand."

Origin & Benefits

Discover The Most Simple, Elegant And Special Techniques For Bonding With Your Precious Baby, AND You Are On Your Way To Having a Well-Earned Beauty Sleep,……When Baby Sleeps Well too !

Do you feel that you are deprived of your beauty sleep especially at night when baby screams because she has a colicky tummy?

Well, it’s not your fault !


Do you know nurturing touch to a newborn baby is important ?


Research shows that a lack of nurturing touch in young babies leads to failure to thrive and in some cases …..death !


Cross cultural studies have demonstrated that in societies where infants are held, massaged, rocked, breastfed and carried, adults are less aggressive and violent, more co-operative and compassionate.


When you have mastered the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) Massage Techniques, you will see that its Benefits Go Far Beyond The Immediate Physiological Gains.

Discover How to Banish Your Fears About Your Baby’s Colic Discomfort With Easy to Follow Special ‘I AIM Massage Techniques’

The daily massages provide a foundation for physical, emotional and spiritual harmony and closeness that we all carry with us for life.

Dr Tiffany Field from Touch Research Institute, Miami concurs

“That Research Suggests That Touch Is As ImportantTo Infants And Children As Eating And Sleeping !”

She notes that loving touch triggers physiological changes that help infants grow and develop

  • Stimulating nerves in the brain that facilitate food absorption and

  • Lowering stress hormone levels, resulting in improving the function of the immune system ”

Tummy Massage for Colic
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What parents can do ?

Is to learn how to bond with your baby through infant massage and not ask someone else to massage your baby. Your massage will help to:

  • reduce muscular tension

  • relieve colic discomfort

  • relax & soothe and

  • will begin to understand baby's particular non-verbal and unique needs

Parents have an utter responsibility to the life that they have created.


Daily Massages For Your Baby Provide a Foundation for Physical, Emotional, Spiritual,Harmony and Closeness That We Carry With Us For Life !


Infant Massage Personal Coaching for baby in baby’s home
Baby/Toddler – Touch & Movement


Alice Tan Bee Ai



“I like the personal lessons that Ms Wong had conducted as I am able to follow the techniques that she had demonstrated more closely. I also like that I can pose any questions or doubts and have better interaction with Ms Wong regarding the wellness of massaging for my baby Dongyi.”



Sabrina, Mother of Chloe



“Baby Chloe during and after massage by mummy

It was definitely a challenging job for a first time mum like me to take care of a colicky baby. However, with Gloria’s love and passion for babies and patience in teaching the massage techniques, my baby Chloe is much relaxed and happy,  she has more regular sleep patterns now. Chloe enjoys every massage session as she smiles a lot and tries to communicate with me about her feelings during the massage by making a lot of interesting sounds and movements. I really enjoy such bonding with her as it brings us closer to each other.


Besides imparting the massage technique skills, Gloria is a loving and kind lady who shares many useful caregiving tips which helps to bring up my confidence level to take care of Chloe. Gloria’s calm composure always reminds me to stay cool when Chloe cries and it helps me to settle her down with more love and patience.


I am glad that I have found Gloria and the infant massage has definitely benefited my baby!”


Er Kok Onn



“Before the massage sessions, our twin babies lacked focus and were easily restless. After we started the infant massage sessions, they become more focused and responsive. The stomach massage also helped to ease serious constipation in one of our daughters. We feel closer to our babies after each massage and it was really a joy seeing them enjoying every moment of the massage sessions. They also smile and laugh easily during and after each session. My mother was amused at the way our babies reacted to the massage.


She noticed that they were really enjoying the experience and tension was released when the babies signed after each massage of the stomach, legs and face. Gloria, you were patient and skillful in transferring your knowledge and skills necessary for us to continue the massaging for the benefit of the babies even after your 4 training sessions. Your Instructions were clear and easy to follow with a detailed note for guidance after the training sessions. The sessions were really enjoyable as both the mother and child interact with eye contact and the physical massage, and a positive bond was built during the sessions.


We will also strongly recommend your tummy massage services to others as my wife’s stretch marks were clearly lightened and her stomach was not as bloated after each massage. Furthermore, you are a certified professional as compared to most traditional Malay massagers. Moreover, your charges are very reasonable and your cheerful and patient character really made the massage sessions for our babies and my wife (tummy massage) very enjoyable……”


Cecilia Shepherdson



“Dear Gloria

I am truly grateful to you for guiding me how to massage my infant son, Mikkhail.  When Mikkhail was two months old, he cried often and was colicky and constipated. We were desperate to find a solution after his PD told us that he was allergic to cow’s milk. I tried rubbing his tummy with Yuyi medicated oil but that did not help much as I was massaging him the wrong way.


My colleague searched the Internet and came across your Website one day. Immediately, I rang you and you were in my home within 2 days, teaching methods of massaging my baby. Well, I am happy to say that we (my husband and I) massage Mikkhail every day. Gloria, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping our little Angel. He is now a happy healthy 7-month old baby. Mikkhail smiles easily now and passes motion at least twice a day. Be Blessed….”

Jillian Ong



“In the beginning, Ally suffered from a bad case of colic, she would be up every night, crying for hours in pain. She was very tiny at birth, weighing just 2.6kg. Ever since we started massaging her, her colic episodes was significantly reduced, she was able to sleep better at night and was much happier. She even surprised everyone by gaining weight so quickly. Besides the weight gain, Ally has very strong muscles for her age.


At just 3 weeks, she was able to hold her had steady for short amount of time. We are so pleased at how well Ally has responded to the massage, she is attentive and responds when she is spoken to. We are also so grateful that she is finally able to sleep through the night! Everyone has commented that she seems happier and is a more settled baby. Instructions were simple and easy to follow, both myself and my mom really enjoyed bonding with her and have incorporated the massage techniques into our daily playtime with her. I would highly recommend Gloria to others as I personally believe in the importance of nurturing touch…..”

June Phua Hui Jun



“I am a first time mum, and have a colicky baby. Thus, I went to google on it and understand that massage do help to relieve gas and tummy discomfort. Then I came across Tender Loving Touch while searching for massage. After reading on the reviews, I decided to enquire and the response was fast. 


After the first session, I apply the technique on my baby Alden especially the tummy massage. I was so surprised to see the effect. My baby started to fart and shit and what makes me happy is he slept well in the night for at least 3hrs straight and max was 5 hrs. The no. of times he pooped also increased from one time to 4 times a day. Therefore, I can see how relax my baby is now and the smile that will melt your heart. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Gloria for her patience in guidance and also sharing some advices in handling baby. 


I will strongly recommend the service to my friends who are interested.”

Ms Christine Soo

Commitee Member, NTUC Women's Secretariat

Vice Chairman, NTUC Childcare Group Branch Union



To whom it may concern


 This serves to confirm that Ms Gloria Wong has conducted an infant massage workshop for 22 infant care and childcare teachers and principals of NTUC Childcare Co-operative Ltd on 10 and 17 June, 2006.


 She has imparted knowledge and skills to enable the participants to effectively and confidently put into practice while taking care of the young infants.

 We are grateful to her for her dedication and enthusiasm in her teaching and facilitation to ensure that all participants acquire the skills to massage babies.