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Massage In School Program (MISP)

MISP is a respected international program for children for 4-12 years old. The child-to-child massage program has been developed as an inclusive whole school strategy for reducing children’s stress levels, aggression and bullying. It is a well structured yet simple program.

The clothed peer massage is:

Massage helps release Oxytocin Hormone which is a powerful brain and body biochemical causing a calming effect and anti-aggression. It is important if the nervous system is to develop to its potential. 


In short, MISP is an excellent tool to bring into schools in today’s modern society as children are being exposed to the frontiers of technologies and mobile devices.

  • For children 4-12 years old

  • Given and received with the child’s permission

  • Given by the children to each other on the upper back, head, arms and hands

  • 15 minutes daily

  • Children ask permission from each other before they start and say “thank you” to their partner at the end

  • Adults do not massage the children

MISP is an effective tool for improving child mental health and has had positive benefits for the participating children, such as improved concentration and increased confidence.

The MISP program has 3 core values:

  • Respect : asking permission, checking pressure, stroke preference, the right to say “No” to massage, and to say “thank you” at the end of the massage

  • Friendliness: observable results – more caring and gentle

  • Success : children’s performance, greater concentration, security, happines

It helps to


  • Reduce bullying, aggression and violence

  • Decrease problems of tardiness and absentees

  • Virtually eliminate depression at an early stage


Chue Neo (Teresa)



“I practised MISP strokes on my husband as my two children are grown up and no longer live with me. His response after the massage strokes was “very good effect” He felt ‘current’ running through.


I felt great that I could remember the steps (although they might not have been perfect. I sense a great passion in doing the massage and am looking forward to practicing the massage on other loved ones.”


Dr Khoo Kim Choo - Founder of Preschool for Multiple Intelligences



“Our kindergarten children went through the Massage in Schools Programme. We noticed it helped them, especially the boisterous ones, to be calmer and more gentle towards others.”


Mrs Koh, principal



“I observed that the children are calmer and more relaxed even after recess. ….”


Janice Yim, Counsellor



“I noticed that the quiet ones are beginning to open up and the hyperactive. Ones are more subdued and quiet now….”

Duriati Abdullah



“What a wonderful program I had last weekend. It really benefits me because I had a problem with my daughter who is always angry with me and always want attention. I did practice on her right after she came back from school. I said I need to practise and ask permission for her to be my model at night and in the morning. She loves it very much and wants more. I can see a slight improvement on her behaviour, and she is more tolerant if she doesn’t get things done fast. I am glad with this valuable program and am proud to say that this program is very good and will take heed of what the certificate allows us to do.”

Shirleen Yang



“I have been practicing the massage strokes on my little daughter since the first day of the course till today. She loves it …when I first did it on her and she asked me to do it again and again…in the end on the first day I did four cycles on her….likewise on the second day after my course she asked me to massage her again and since then everyday when I finish work she would ask me to massage her and ask me to draw hearts for her. I notice that she is happier in the morning when she goes to Childcare centre and sleeps better in the night. I am so happy that both of us are benefiting from the massage course.


Remember we have to ask for permission every time we want to massage someone …. I actually heard my little daughter saying the same thing to her grandparents. ‘ah gong ! can I massage you and draw heart for you ??’ It was so loving !!”

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